Grant Testimonials

Success Stories from Our Grant Recipients: 









11 Days into the Rescue Family Grant Program: 

"January 15, 2015 is the first time I have heard my son try to speak and mimic words rather than grunt them as word approximations. His therapists are blown away at what the diet has done for him so far! Thank you GR! I will never be able to share my appreciation for what you are doing for my son and my family! Hopefuly soon we can share a big loud "THANK YOU" from Lennon!!" 








What previous grant recipients are saying: 

"Generation Rescue brought my son back to me... I feel like he disappeared for a while." 


"Generation Rescue has opened the door for us to heal our sons from autism, as well as given us the tools to heal our family from a variety of medical issues that we weren't able to address before."


"You guys helped jumpstart my son's recovery! You gave us answers to what we were dealing with inside his little body and gave us a plethora of supplements to see what would help him so we didn't have to spend as much money! I will never forget how much you've helped our family!" 



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