Stories of Recovery

Inspiring families share their journeys of recovering their children from autism spectrum disorders.

Skye: California

Skye’s symptoms: non-verbal; significant stimming; high fevers after vaccines; no eye contact or desire to socialize; very aggressive toward his brother.

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Alex: Virginia

Alex’s symptoms: constipation; loss of eye contact; hyperlexia; stimming by running around in circles; sensory dysfunction; yeast overgrowth; heavy metal overload; lack of social skills; very literal with conversation; difficulty inferring; auditory processing delays; eye tic; major speech delay at age 3; low muscle tone.

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Marcel: Ohio

Marcel’s symptoms: significant delays in verbal and non-verbal skills at 19 months, plus loss of vocabulary and fleeting eye contact; repetitive language/ echolalia; stereotyped behaviors: hand flapping, toe walking,

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Matthew: Virginia

Matthew’s symptoms: regression at 15 months, including loss of speech and reduced eye contact, and regression in eating; irritability; reflux; bowel issues; sensory processing disorder; sleep disturbances; chronic ear infections; frequent fevers.

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Ethan: Texas

Ethan’s symptoms: major GI issues (“had colonoscopy with inflammation in lower/upper GI”); food allergies; yeast problems; chronic ear infections; sensory problems; eating and sleeping difficulties; OCD; delayed speech; blank stares; no social interest in other children; anxiety; frequent tantrums; some head banging.

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Quinn: California

Quinn’s symptoms: no words; no pointing; “stereotypical behaviors” (lining up and spinning toys); eczema; GI problems (diarrhea and constipation); food sensitivities; immune dysfunction; ear infections; motor delays; ensory integration dysfunction.

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Aidan: California

Aidan was born a perfect, healthy, and happy little boy. The moment they placed him in my arms I knew my greatest accomplishment in this life was being his mother. Little did I know at the time, that the future held something else for us to accomplish together. That was to bring him back from the disorder that took him…….autism.

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