Alex: Virginia

in conversation with his mother, Cindy:

Alex’s symptoms:  constipation; loss of eye contact; hyperlexia; stimming by running around in circles; sensory dysfunction; yeast overgrowth; heavy metal overload; lack of social skills; very literal with conversation; difficulty inferring; auditory processing delays; eye tic; major speech delay at age 3; low muscle tone.

Formal Diagnosis: 
autism, eye tic, auditory processing disorder

Determined Causes:
  genetic defect on MHTFR gene; HHV-6; MMR vaccine at 18-months caused an asthma attack

Helpful Therapies:
  GF/CF diet with a lot of fruits, vegetables and protein “Alex had an IGG and IGE performed and he is allergic to eggs, corn, and sensitive to gluten and casein, as well as mushrooms, brewer’s yeast and lemon); Chelation (epsom salt baths, malic acid/magnesium malate, alpha lipoic acid, rectal suppository of DMSA/Glutahione 3 days on/11 days off); supplements (lutathione cream, vitamin D-3, calcium with vitamin D, DMG, selenium, lithium cream, MinerAll, Spectrum Complete Multivitamin, probiotic, cod liver oil, carnitor, L-Carnosine, Detox-Aid, PhosChol, B6, B12, folic acids); other biomedical treatments (Deplin, Diflucan, Nystatin, natural remedies like grapefruit seed extract, and Brainchild Nutritionals Yeast Killer Package); HHV-6 was treated with Valtrex; occupational therapy/sensory integration; ABA/VB; speech therapy; social skills group, reading comprehension tutoring.  “I am a physical therapist so I worked on his motor planning and hypotonia.”

I would like to tell doctors:  “Thank you for believing us moms and dads—my family appreciates your dedication, hard work and countless hours seeing children around the world and healing them."

I would like to tell families:  “There is hope!"

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