Ethan: Texas

in conversation with his mother, Kathy:

Ethan’s symptoms: major GI issues (“had colonoscopy with inflammation in lower/upper GI”); food allergies; yeast problems; chronic ear infections; sensory problems; eating and sleeping difficulties; OCD; delayed speech; blank stares; no social interest in other children; anxiety; frequent tantrums; some head banging.

Formal Diagnosis: Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified, at age 3

Determined Cause
:  vaccinations

Helpful Therapies:
  “IV chelation is why Ethan lost his diagnosis—this was the winner for us.”       

More on Ethan’s Recovery:  “We started treating him biochemically in 2004, did numerous therapies, multiple vitamins, secretin, hyperbaric oxygen, speech and physical therapy, the list goes on.  It was not until we did IV chelation in beginning of 2006, for 10 months getting an injection every 2 weeks, that my child came out of his fog.  The color returned to his face.  He was able to have conversations with us, show emotions and became like his peers.  He is not even on the spectrum anymore. He does have ADHD, but that is nothing compared to the utter hell we went through for a few years there.”

I would like to tell other families: 
“Each child is different.  Just move on if a treatment does not work, and go to the next one.  It can be discouraging, but sometimes you have to go through what does not work to get to what does. Children can recover.  Don't give up.  It takes time, but it’s well worth it.”

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