Marcel: Ohio

in conversation with his mother, Jessica:

Marcel’s symptoms:  significant delays in verbal and non-verbal skills at 19 months, plus loss of vocabulary and fleeting eye contact; repetitive language/ echolalia; stereotyped behaviors: hand flapping, toe walking, ritualistic behaviors such as spinning objects, making patterns, lining up toys; inappropriate affection to strangers; sensory processing disorder; chronic diarrhea/leaky gut; “Seemingly deaf to his name, but could always hear the train coming from a distance and would stop what he was doing to go over to the door to watch for it.”

Formal Diagnosis: 
Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified.

Determined Causes:
  “An overload of heavy metals and contaminates in his body, and too many immunizations!”

Helpful Therapies: 
detoxification (completely organic foods, taking all toxins out his diet); GF/CF diet; supplements (minerals, amino acids, cod oil); DAN! Protocol; behavioral and developmental therapies, such as Applied Behavioral Analysis, speech and language, occupational therapies—“I incorporated all of those therapies plus basic therapies like music or play therapies into everyday life and Marcel made significant progress to the point of recovery.”

I would like to tell doctors: 
“Stop prescribing drugs and get to the root of the problem by healing children from the inside out through nutritional and biomedical intervention. Treat the symptoms through developmental and behavioral therapies.
To the doctors who already do this—good for you!”

I would like to tell other families: 
“Recovery is possible!”

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