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The IonCleanse® machine is the world’s #1 selling total body detoxification system. It is the safest, most thorough and effective way to cleanse and purify the body.

Why Be Concerned with Toxicity:
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Would you rather?

 A. Address the cause

 B. Manage the condition


Addressing the cause…

We live in the most toxic environment in earth’s history. Toxicity negatively impacts everyone’s health in many ways; those with autism are especially susceptible, as noted below:

    “Findings indicate that many children with autism or those who are at risk of developing autism have a metabolic impairment that reduces their ability to rid their bodies of heavy metals and other toxins. Buildup of these toxins in the body can lead to brain and nervous system damage and developmental delays.”

With our focus on detoxification, we at AMD feel a resonance with Generation Rescue, an organization willing to explore beyond conventional medicine to address the root causes of autism and recover a child to health.

What exactly is an IonCleanse® system?

The IonCleanse® system is the most thorough, effective, and safest full-body detoxification machine in the world. It is a non-invasive way to cleanse and purify the body and has no negative side effects. A typical IonCleanse® session is 20-30 minutes and can be done at home or in the office of a practitioner.

A Solution for the whole family

For those with autism, our experience has shown it possible to turn those imagined possibilities into reality with the IonCleanse® system. This is a product that will also benefit the whole family. Toxicity affects everyone. Create a platform for health with the IonCleanse® system!

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