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Well Amy

Nutritious, allergen-free health foods and products for your family.

Amy's Story:


Finding answers. Changing lives.

Yes, Well Amy was founded by a real-life Amy.

I’m a former Wall Street executive turned Mom on a Mission. Well Amy is now my calling. My unexpected journey to better health began in 2007 when my twin sons were diagnosed with behavioral, digestive and neurological issues - the same issues too common for children today. Like most parents, I sought help from traditional medicine and was steered in the direction of drugs and therapy. In my case, and in the case of many others with similar struggles – this approach did not help my sons and it became clear I needed to seek out other options.

Living proof.

At that time, my family was living a pretty typical lifestyle – one that makes sickness the new “normal.” Back then, I didn’t realize the extent to which children are bombarded by man-made toxins every day - in our air, food, home, medicines and water. My sons’ issues were not the result of an irreversible health issue, but rather, their bodies were simply reacting to toxins. Could dietary and lifestyle changes make a difference? The answer was dramatic and life-changing.

Today my sons are living healthy, normal lives. Conversations, awareness and functioning that were impossible before - are now an everyday part of life. Their transformation was remarkable. It was not the result of a miracle, but a hard-fought journey that took time and effort, and even some luck. I became so impassioned by my sons’ healing, that I pursued post-graduate work in areas of holistic health and wellness to not only help my sons, but others, too.

Holistic approach.

While traditional medicine focuses on the treatment of symptoms and management of disease, holistic health and wellness addresses the underlying causes for illness and then breaks down barriers to healing. Well Amy is the result of my personal story. With my credentials in the areas of integrative nutrition, special diets, detoxification, bioenergetic testing and natural remedies, I can help you get the same results.


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