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Natural Healing with Sunlighten Far Infrared Therapy

At Sunlighten, we receive regular inquiries from parents asking about the use of our infrared saunas for children, especially those with autism. Autism requires a holistic lifestyle approach. Our far infrared saunas and acoustic resonance therapy provide a natural, healing environment that can benefit the whole family.

We proudly support Generation Rescue in its mission to provide hope, resources and treatment assistance to families affected by autism spectrum disorders.

10 Ways Sunlighten Infrared Therapy Can Help with Autism:

1. Non-invasive, all natural therapy
2. Removes toxins at cellular level
3. Increases circulation and blood flow
4. Reduces inflammation from viral exposure
5. Improves cell health and immunity 
6. Increases quality of sleep
7. Provides a relaxing daily routine
8. Helps to self-sooth 
9. Offers multi-sensory stimulation with Acoustic Resonance Therapy (A.R.T.)
10. Provides relaxation for the whole family


Calll 877.292.0020 to learn more. Don't forget to mention Generation Rescue!