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The Listening Program® (TLP) helps sensory sensitive individuals with autism spectrum disorders find comfort in their world.

Sound is everywhere, it’s as much a part of our lives as the air we breathe and the food we eat. Yet, many of us become stressed or uncomfortable with sounds in our own home, school, work, and public places, and aren’t even aware of it.  Negative sound exposure has a scientifically proven impact on health, sleep, attention, learning, communication, listening, stress and more.   

Many children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder are described as having auditory hypersensitivities and other difficulties processing auditory information. Auditory hypersensitivity involves the non-classical auditory system and is an emotional response to sound rather than an auditory response. Children described as being hypersensitive to sound have negative emotional reactions to sounds and situations in which the sounds are present. It is possible to desensitize these negative emotional reactions and reprogram the emotional memory system so that children are no longer frightened by sounds. It is further possible to prevent hypersensitivities by creating a positive relationship with sound early in life. 

There is an easy and effective solution... The Listening Program SPECTRUM creates a healthy relationship with sound and is ideal for individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders.  It trains the brain with pleasing evidence-based music which has been developed to improve sound brain fitness, reduce sensory sensitivities, and support improvements in a wide range of areas including; executive functions, communication, auditory processing, social/emotional, motor coordination, stress response, and creativity.

SPECTRUM is part of The Listening Program® family of evidence-based music solutions from Advanced Brain Technologies. The Listening Program® was awarded Best Product at Autism One. 

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