GRATITUDE Autism Hope Bag

GRATITUDE Autism Hope Bag image

25% of the proceeds from each “Autism Hope” bag sold will go to Generation Rescue. 

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What is a GRATITUDE bag?

A GRATITUDE bag is a personalized, portable, inspirational mood shifter, equipped with 36 GRATITUDE cards and a pen. It contains a snapshot of your life experiences, both large and small, that you are most GRATEFUL for. Each bag is as different as the person creating it!

How do I use my GRATITUDE bag?

Each time you achieve a goal, turn a dream into a reality, or experience something that warms your heart, write it down on a GRATITUDE card. You can also jot down your favorite affirmation or inspirational quote. Place your GRATITUDE cards in your GRATITUDE bag and keep your bag nearby. 

When should I use my GRATITUDE bag?

Anytime you need to be reminded of life’s gifts, bring a smile to your face, affirm a commitment, or shift your mood, pull out your GRATITUDE bag. Read its contents. Be inspired. Be proud. Be GRATEFUL!

Each bag is fully lined and contains:

- instructions, 

- a pen and 

- 36 GRATITUDE cards (cards are the same on both sides) including:

  * 30 “Today I am GRATEFUL for..."

  * 6 My QUOTE of the Day

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