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Biocidin® by Bio-Botanical Research

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Balance digestive system and boost wellness. 


Digestive disturbances such as bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea and poor absorption of nutrients are common symptoms for children and adults with Autism.


Biocidin® is a broad-spectrum all natural botanical formulation to support digestive health for children and adults with GI issues. The liquid drops are pleasant tasting and can be added to juice or smoothies, or taken directly. 


Many noted authors and clinicians who specialize in Autism and PDD including Anju Usman, MD, Kurt Woeller, MD, Julie Matthews, CNC, Jeri Brewster, CNC, Jenny McCarthy and others recommend Biocidin® for both children and adults. Bacterial and yeast/fungal conditions such as Candida and C. Difficile, as well as parasites and Lyme disease have responded favorably when using Biocidin® in addition to changes in diet and other therapies. 


One bottle will last many months for a small child, making it very affordable as a regular part of nutritional support for children with ASD. Biocidin® is both laboratory tested and clinically verified for effectiveness and is also available in a Throat Spray for sore throat and winter wellness.


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