Success Stories: Parent Testimonials

The following testimonials are written by parents of children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders, organized by the age of the child at the time of the post. A review of these posts in totality provides parents with the most important message we can bring to you: there is so much hope for your child!

The testimonials represent a broad range of treatment stages (from just starting to fully recovered) and treatment modalities (TD-DMPS, DMSA, supplements, other detoxification protocols.)

They have been compiled from a range of sources including Rescue Angels and other parents who have written their testimonials for Generation Rescue, public testimony, and public message boards. If you would like us to post your testimonial, please send it to: [email protected].

While the form of treatment and stage of recovery may differ, there are a number of themes that seem to consistently appear in these posts:

  • These parents are convinced that the underlying cause of their children’s symptoms is heavy metal toxicity, particularly mercury
  • The road to recovery is slow and steady, and can take as long as 2 years
  • As metals are removed from the body, some amount of regression or plateauing in the short-term is nearly inevitable as their child reacts to the toxic metals being pulled through their body
  • Chelation, if done properly and for a long enough period of time, can produce dramatic improvement
  • It is never too late to chelate, children of any age improve

It is frustrating for parents to read about children recovering using a wide variety of treatment modalities – why does it have to be so confusing? In the Action Plan section, we have provided a set of recommendations for treatment, but the truth remains that children have recovered using a variety of forms of detoxification. A qualified Doctor will help you decide which mode of treatment is best for your child.