Who We Are

Generation Rescue curated a movement dedicated to providing comprehensive treatment opportunities to autism families.

As an innovative and results-oriented organization, we bridge the gap between philanthropy and expert-driven services by collaborating with like-minded stakeholders. Together, our vision fosters a sense of belonging and hope for future generations.

We are the leading national organization that provides hope, information and immediate treatment assistance to families affected by autism spectrum disorders.

Our Background

When rockstar Stanford alumni JB Handley, a leader in the private equity sector, and wife Lisa Handley discovered their son had autism, they didn’t settle for the dead-end diagnosis. Instead, they researched the most effective treatment options available to help their son. Along their journey, the couple founded Generation Rescue to offer hope with actionable treatment solutions for families.

Later that same year, actress and television host,
 Jenny McCarthy’s son, Evan, was diagnosed with autism. Following his diagnosis, Jenny went on a nationwide tour to speak on behalf of many autism organizations, which led her to become a voice for families worldwide. She ended up finding a home at Generation Rescue, now serving as the foundation’s board president.

Her groundbreaking book, Louder Than Words, sparked a movement of mother warriors empowered to take control of their family’s health
 and well-being.